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Conclave is a revolutionary new platform from R3 that enables the development of solutions that securely pool and process sensitive data from multiple parties. Conclave-powered applications are so secure no one sees the source data without permission—not even the app builder.

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Data sharing across firms and departments is key to unlocking greater potential, analytics and insights. However, it remains one of the more difficult things…

R3’s Chief Technology Officer, Richard Gendal Brown, presents on confidential computing at CordaCon 2020.

Conclave makes it easy to build privacy-protecting solutions, through the use of Confidential Computing. But what is Confidential Computing, why should you care and why is Conclave the platform to watch?…

Share securely.

Advanced data protection
for a digital world

With solutions built on Conclave, confidential data is pooled within an Intel® SGX enclave where it is protected even when being processed, making it ideal for multi-party applications where data privacy is a concern. Conclave makes it easy for end users to cryptographically verify the application’s integrity before sending their sensitive data to it.

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Maintain control.

Provide customers with technical assurances as to how their data is used

Conclave-powered apps enable end users to verify how their sensitive data will be processed by allowing them to remotely audit the algorithm running within a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to ensure it is behaving as intended and that no one can access the underlying data without permission.


Reduce Risk and Costs.

Streamline data sharing and pooling

Traditionally, data is only encrypted at rest and in transit, yet solutions powered by Conclave also protect data in use. This unique feature enables firms to share confidential data among competitors, software vendors, and peers directly, which also creates new opportunities for data aggregators who can now offer additional services.

Grow revenue.

Unlock business value by delivering new insights

Apps built on Conclave enable firms to benefit from previously inaccessible confidential data provided to them by their customers so that they can build new value-added services and deliver greater insight.

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Designed for developers.

Build multi-party applications with enclaves fast and flexibly

Conclave puts the power to build privacy-preserving apps with Intel® SGX enclaves into the hands of developers everywhere.  They can code in the language of their choice—Java, Kotlin and JavaScript–with more being added soon.  Write apps on any operating system. Plug into existing apps as Conclave is compatible with most systems. And, deploy on the cloud with Azure or any Intel® SGX-enabled infrastructure.


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